Getting shit done – part 1

Last time we introduced good time management as a best practice for women who Get Shit Done in a world constantly battling for your attention. My first borrowed philosophy involves goalsetting around your Big Picture Priorities.

Pick Five Things

Everyone’s favourite crusty old billionaire investor, Warren Buffett, has as many brilliant ideas as he does creepy jokes about women (or “folksy tales,” as apologists have apparently taken to calling them.) Buffett’s philosophy on goalsetting goes like this:

  • Make a list of twenty-five things you want to accomplish–right now, this year, in your lifetime.
  • Circle five of them. Re-write this as your Top 5 list. These are your top 5 priorities, to which you should be devoting the majority of your time and energy.
  • What about the other list? According to Buffett:

Everything you didn’t circle just became your ‘avoid at all cost list’. No matter what, these things get no attention from you until you’ve succeeded with your top 5.

Sound harsh? We’ll cover compromise in part 6 but for now: stick to your top 5. Here’s my own Top “5” list, by the way:

1. get ur MBA, 2. start a startup, 3. be a activist, 4. be a human, 5. dont be antisocial, 6. make money maybe, 7. research and PhD someday, 8. speak good
now would be as good a time as any to confess that I speak to myself exclusively in the vernacular of internet memes

You will note that I’ve actually got eight things on my list, but “be a human” and “dont be antisocial [sic]” cover things like showering and calling my mom which I consider basic requirements of humanity regardless of my priorities.

Next time I’ll talk about my second borrowed philosophy, distinguishing the urgent from the important.

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