A personal perspective on the ACA repeal vote

I think it’s difficult to understand, if you’re from a country with somewhat functional universal healthcare system, just how devastating is this week’s vote to repeal the ACA. No arguments: the UK’s NHS isn’t perfect (& I haven’t lived elsewhere to experience it firsthand.)

When I needed access to mental health coverage two years ago, I had to call a long list of doctors, provided by my insurer, to find someone who could see me in the next three months. I made countless calls to my insurance company to see who was covered and for which services. I finally went private because I was lucky to have the resources to do that. People I know and love have had to fight their insurance companies over coverage for lifesaving medications. Many Americans face a real risk of bankruptcy if they get seriously ill or injured. It’s the last stress you need when you are already sick.

Now it looks like, if I ever move back to the U.S.–especially as an entrepreneur/freelancer–the cost of my insurance will more than quadruple (if I’m insurable at all) due to my pre-existing conditions.

It’s been super rad to be home in the US this week and I’m happy to see all my friends. I can’t really be glad I have some shelter in the UK, because I know so many of them don’t. (I’ll leave for now the issue of the Tory government eroding away the NHS in the UK.)

Anyways–fuck the GOP, fuck you for not voting Hillary, fuckity fuck this country.

That’s my current mood.

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